Welcome to the Milton Keynes Linux User Group

Milton Keynes LUG (MKLUG) aims to advise and support computer users before, during and after they install the Linux operating system within a friendly social atmosphere.

The group runs three mailing lists, covering Linux issues, web-site development and off-topic issues. To join please visit our mailing lists.

The group also organises monthly meetings: Follow Meetings for more details on upcoming meetings.

Finally, our links page has links to some local mirrors for Linux resources.

To find out more about MKLUG activities please join one of MKLUG's mailing lists.

If you have access to IRC, point your client at the Freenode Network (irc.freenode.net) and join the #mklug channel - various members of the group pop in there from time to time. #LinPeople is another useful channel with many other Linux users around the globe.

If you are not in the Milton Keynes area, perhaps you should check the UK LUG website to find any groups that may be closer to you...